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It’s time to put in place common-sense election safety measures, to make sure the people have confidence in our elections, whether they are local, state, or federal.

Clean Voter Rolls

As part of a drive to eliminate voter fraud and restore confidence in our elections, we need our voter rolls to be continuously cleaned, to ensure accuracy and remove the risk of unneeded extra ballots already in circulation being used for improper purposes.

Redesign Election Observer System

The system of election observers is broken. We need to insure party observers can verify each and every step in the election count process. We need a redesign, to implement standards for each county’s observers so that they can keep up with the flow of ballots, utilizing modern technology to verify all steps.

Chain of Custody

Ballots matter becuase they represent the voice of the people, and only those ballots that represent voters should be counted. Shoring up Chain of Custody policies will ensure that every voter’s ballot will count, and that at no stage of the process will unauthorized ballots be able to enter the equation.

Signature Verification

Validating each ballot must be done accurately with minimal variance between counties. This process needs standards and oversight to ensure all counties are correctly verifying each ballot for authenticity, and holding every ballot to the same standard.

Ensure Security of Voting Machines

How the votes of our citizens are collected and how they are counted are a basic fundamental of democracy; and voting machines are a key point of vulnerability. When voting data is collected and made digital, we must ensure that that data is not able to be accessed by any outside source, and a Chain of Custody must be tracked from the moment the first vote is collected.

End Voter Fraud

Fraud and Audit divisions must be established in every county, and in the office of the Secretary of State to investigate irregularities and fraud. The state audits many government agencies, it’s time for that audit and investigatory powers to be used to insure fair and secure elections.

Mandatory and Random Audits

Just like in any organization, the knowledge that a random audit may be assigned to your department makes sure everyone plays by the rules. It’s time to bring that principle to precincts and counties as well. The knowledge that an outside agency will be conducting audits and posting a performance scorecard grading each election will make it far more difficult for an outside force to tamper with an election, covertly or otherwise. It will also motivate all people to find mistakes and improve the integrity of the election.

Voter ID

The government requires ID for any number of things, from driving a car, to exercising your constitutional Second Amendment rights. Voting is also a right of the citizen, and ensuring that only citizens are able to vote is a prerogative of government. The best way to do this is with common-sense Voter ID regulations and 100% verification.

End Same Day Registration

When voters are able to register at the polls and vote the same day, it opens up new avenues for fraud. The hectic nature of election day means that if a person intending to commit fraud enters the voting rolls at multiple polling places, the fact that they have already registered only an hour ago, a few blocks away, is difficult to communicate reliably to all other polling places.